Wooden Shutters in Yate,
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Blinds are not the only thing we do here at Choice Blinds of Bristol Ltd. We are also highly experienced in the manufacture and installation of made-to-measure shutters. Composite and wooden shutters provide a different look to blinds that you may prefer for your home or commercial property. Our shutters come in a range of styles and are made with the finest materials to deliver excellent durability, performance and visual appeal.

Customers in Yate, Bristol and the surrounding areas can explore their options in person at our blind shop in Kingswood. Our team is happy to discuss the best solution for your needs, whether you aim to improve privacy, insulation, light control or ventilation.

Shutter Styles

Choice Blinds offers interior shutters in a range of styles to suit individual needs, budgets and interior designs. When open, our shutters let in a lot of air and natural light. When closed, they block the view completely for optimal privacy. In addition, because they are securely fitted to the frame, they provide better insulation than curtains, helping keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

The following are some popular options:

Wooden Shutters

Using solid wood, our wooden shutters create a natural look and feel. Various timbers and colours are available.

Composite Shutters

These are more resistant to weather and humidity, making composite shutters lower maintenance.

Plantation Shutters

Have wider louvres compared to traditional shutters.

Café Style Shutters

Cover the bottom half of the window and leave the top clear for improved privacy with maximum light.

Full-Height Shutters

Full-height shutters cover all of the window, from top to bottom.

Tier-On-Tier Shutters

These shutters have top and bottom panels that open separately for superior light and privacy control.

Choice Blinds of Bristol Ltd can also provide door shutters – please visit our blind shop to discuss door shutters with a member of our team.

Perfect Fit Shutters Lite

One of our most popular products is the Perfect Fit Shutter Lite, a cost-effective plantation-style shutter that can be measured and installed in seconds. These blinds allow in more light as the louvres sit closer to the glass than conventional shutters, ensuring a bright and vibrant living space all year round. Waterproof and wipe-clean, they are also easy to remove for cleaning and decorating and come with a ten-year guarantee. With so many benefits and at such an affordable price, it is easy to see why so many of our clients choose Perfect Fit Shutters Lite. Get in touch to learn more about this UK-manufactured product.

a white window with a blind in it
a white window with a blind in it

Why Choose Window Shutters?

Wooden shutters are a timeless, elegant addition to any interior. More than just a window covering, shutters are features that visually enhance homes and commercial spaces while also providing functional benefits.

Here are some reasons to choose shutters for your property in Bristol, Yate or the surrounding areas:

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